Fair warning. It’s a love fest!

“A couple months ago I was feeling really lost. Feeling trapped by my Job, my career, my family, needless to say I was under a lot of pressure. I found Amy and began working with her, I can say without any hesitation her readings are nothing short of amazing! Amy’s understanding of the Tarot is masterful and her intuitive ability increases the accuracy and personalization of her readings. I see Amy regularly, and if you’re reading this, so should you!”

-Sam F.

“Had a reading while in Denver visiting family expecting it to be be just a fun experience but walked away with some new insights about myself and some ideas about how to make some positive changes going forward. I will definitely work with her again when I am in town.”

-Susan D.

“My reading with Amy was profound. Her interpretation of my spread was intuitive, chalked full of depth and hit the nail on the head regarding my current emotional and spiritual state. What I found the most helpful was that she related one area of the spread to another so that mind, body, and spirit were balanced and interdependent. She gave such an adept and thorough reading. I still have a picture of the card that was most powerful to me from her reading. When I veer off course I brings it’s image up just to remind me of its warning.”

Julie E.